More Mind Hack Tactics that Create Change

history-of-hypnosisI really like the psychology of mind. Finding out how humans work is amazing. What’s more amazing is that thoughts rule the world! Bare with me as I get over my own excitement and begin to slowly get more serious and introspective about this topic.

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The thoughts of the person will rule his or her own world. This also comes to the attitude of the person as well. To be honest with you, I never had the best attitude!

However, when I started to get around really cool people that had great attitudes I noticed my attitude changed. And whatever my closest group of friends did – I did too.

I thought it was weird at first, but then I realized that if I wanted more out of life I would have to change my circle of influence too.

So I started reading on rich people, NLP, hypnosis, and anything that had to do with changing myself from the inside out.

I noticed that when I started reading these books, and doing the exercises described that my life started to change. Slowly at first, and then very quickly.

When I read on NLP I found that it had the principles of family therapy, gestalt therapy, and hypnosis. Richard Bandler, and John Grinder, the founders of NLP, have analyze people like Virginia Satir, and Milton Erickson, and have found a base formula for change.

With this formula they have been able to change people in minutes!

Can you imagine? Someone with a phobia of 10 years can change in minutes…

That surprised me, so I thought to change my mind.

I believed it was possible to change who I was, and become someone new.

That was just the start though. As time went on I also had to make changes in other areas of my life. Slowly I became more focused and more clear as to what I wanted.

It was through studying and consciously influencing my mind that I successfully influenced my unconscious mind to provide me with the resources for success.

The strategy is so simple that virtually anyone can do it.

So, with that being said what do you want to do?

Is it necessary to go through hypnotic inductions? Well, no.

Is it useful? Perhaps.

Is it necessary to work on yourself day in and day out? Yes.

It’s a continuous process on the spectrum of life, and becoming someone new – someone that creates RESULTS makes it all the worthwhile… It always has, and always will.

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